git stupid-est thing ever

ok, the post title says something. I did one of the stupidest thing ever, few days back while in a hurry i initialized the git repo in my home dir.

the command to remove all the mess : rm -rf ~/.git

It will remove the git repo from your system. and then you have to recreate evreything from scratch.


27th june 2013.

Updating your journal becomes quite of a task. I am glad i am writing here again.
Okay, as usual holidays are becoming unproductive for me again..nothing to do about it.
Lasr few days i had considerable thoughts of shruti. I cnt help but remember her again and again, i am so obsessed about her. I wish she could have known this. It seems she does not care at all, never in these 3 years did she tried contacting me. I think she is better without me and i should let this continue. Ya i know things would be hard for..i would miss her (badly) at times. But but there you go again i dnt have any option but to face this situation.

Till next time.

18th june.

A day has passed here and theres not much to do at all. Ya, I have my own stuff like writing and learning python and meeps me pity much occupied throughout the day, i also have a book to read "the alchemist".

I am attaching few pictures from my home here.

Trip to nani (2)

Since now I have enabled posting through my phone, i can post my pages on the go.

I have hardly slept the other day and this morning too is no different.
This posting reminds me of harshad sharma’s blog. I have been highly inspired of this fellow, will give a link to his blogs soon.

old memories

I am back to my home and as soon as I had entered the boundaries of my state, something struck. The old memories of life started gushing in, yes shruti. I used to be very excited whenever I came from a holiday. I guess that it’s not the case anymore but I cannot help myself. Right now when I am writing this journal she is circling across my mind. The things are not the same anymore now. Her family has shifted from Dhanbad so, I need to end this story.

But I cant.

14th JUne, friday.

Last night I added my gmail posting to my journal..through my phone. Now I will post here on the go.

Read interesting post this morning, about a entrepreneur’ journey here.

He has interesting story to share…

I would like to post more often here…so many years later when I become old I will look back to these days and smile. Or may be someday when I forgot my memory, this journal will help me remember my life back then.

I will share some insights about my love life here:

When I was in 7th std I fell for a girl, her name was Shruti..then later in Xth (2006) std she accepted my proposal in rather unconvincing manner but I was happy. Nice things came to me in the next 4 years, she fell in love with me and we were no I was  happy was happy how things were folding around. Later in 2010, she decided to eventually break up with me. I tried every possible means to convince her and come back. But all my attempts turned futile. I was broke started hating myself, man! those were really tough times for me (really tough). It took me around 2 years to move on with what was happening around. She never really contacted me, she was perhaps  happy with her life and probably new love. Life for me in these 2 years was tough, not only I got myself into a C grade college but I also figure out that I had very little friends to back upon.

During this period I was helped my friend Shilpy, who always tried to lend in her time whenever I was feeling aweful. In these times I came up with my writing skills  and things unfolding.

And now today I write quite well and might get a job in this field. Oh, I got a girl during this period but then she was very annoying and we ended up pity quickly.

OKay then thats all for today.