mid night ramblings

I should be sleeping by this time but I choose to write this piece instead. Well nothing special about it either.
I read and typed few lines of Python and Django today. I am getting addicted to it. Hope I would master it at some point of time. I believe in myself and I am stupid enough to think I can do it.

Ok, moving on to other things, read this post which had important message between the text. "Our goal was to concentrate on businesses that have minimal startup costs and are profitable from the start, which is something that is possible with software companies,

Quite a message in that, their story is inspirational as well.
Done for the day (or night)



Lazy Sunday

So, things had turned up pity bad, the last few days. One of my close friends had quarreled with me on a very pity issue. I wonder if I will ever get a perfect friend. If there is any thing called ‘perfect’ ? Anyways I have decided to end maters with them.
Things with my writing ave improved and now I can write article in one day. the last few days had pushed things back, I need to reconfigure my life once again.

I think I should start meditating in mornings, that will help me in concentrating. Things with python are slacked as well.

Need to pick up my pace. I have limited time on my hand.

Until next.

Daily funda

Started typing few lines of coding tha past two days. Felt good but theres a long way to go ahead.
For present I am stuck with few lines of algorithm, need to complete it soon.

Didnt write anthing today though. Need to complete the set of 4 articles. I hope the manner in which i have mastered the art of writing, one day I will get excellance over python as well.
Read one small story on Facebook, in which it was written " every person is gifted with some talent and you should not give up on it."
I wonder if I am gifted with the art of programming or not. I find it very fascinating though.

The reason why I am determined to learn it.

strikes and protests

So, I had decided I would begin my python exercises again but just couldn’t wake up early enough for it. I need to figure out a definite plan for it.

The title sounds weird, the reason being the protests being carried out in my college. The student union is protesting against the low placement of the college last year. The students are still being held captive in the college coupled with male faculties and principal. The principal needs one hell of an experience here, he is very idiotic and foolish person. I don’t know how these people get to these posts. Moron!

I am still skeptical about the outcome of this protest, if it will lead to benefits for the students or it will worsen the matter altogether. We will find out that soon enough.

S you are still being remembered.