Random Thoughts

I skipped my Micro lab today, didn’t felt like attending it. The main reason being I didnt had any company to accompany into the lab. This being said I do feel bad at times but its better to have no friends than be in company of wrong ones. I had been into the later and I am very happy that there are no more in my life anymore. Bloody Racist.

This gives me enough time to concentrate on things I want to build or wish to do.

Regarding Python I have completed Coding Bat. It is indeed good site to grab some initial concepts of Algorithms and loops. I have now moved on to Code Chef. i will be concentrating on building more complex algorithms and loops with this site. the speed of the programs will also be given special attention.

I am also concentrating on encryption techniques, If anyone wihses to get a beginers book to Encryption techniques you can comment on this post. I will be more than happy to help you.

Until rest.


Holidays ahead

Quite a lot of things had happened in the span of 1 month, I will mention few of the them. First of all to begin with I was given the opportunity to interview a highly evolved tech personality of Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Harshad Sharma

I had been tracking him for quite some time now and was immensely fascinated by his college dropout tag. In an attempt to dig deep for the reason behind this, I read whole of his journal twice. You can read the whole article here.

A lot of my time today went into structuring the website that was hacked about a month ago. A lot still needs to be done still.

I will also use this space to write in few words about past affairs. Two of them actually. and both of the are no longer in my life. Whatever I am today or whatever I will be in future, these two ladies will be credited for that. Specially and mostly the first one ‘S’. (More on them later)

I am slowing but steadily building on the python, I hope I will be able to get in command over them soon.